The HALO Face Shield is a unique creation from the brilliant minds behind Dermal Hub. Fusing fashion-forward design aesthetics with proven UV protection, HALO offers a progressive and modern solution to skin care.

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80% of facial ageing is caused by the sun. This extrinsic ageing is primarily attributed to sun exposure and is one of the most avoidable causes of wrinkling, laxity, skin discolouration, extracellular matrix (ECM) breakdown, and most importantly, skin cancer. While we cannot stop or reverse the ageing process, we can try to prevent further damage from occurring.

A high level of protection is required to effectively shield your face from UV rays. Seeing the need for a modern sun protection accessory, the team at Dermal Hub started developing ideas for UV shielding products. From this ambitious concept came the HALO face shield, an innovative product that provides one of the highest levels of UV protection available today.


  • 400 UVA and UVB protective lens

  • 99% UV protection from harmful rays

  • Prevention of melasma and pigmentation

  • Provides protection for pre + post laser and skin treatments


The HALO Face Shield required extensive product design and development. The ambition was to create an accessory that offered the highest level of UV protection while being comfortable, sleek and fashion-forward. Our vision required a unique design. So we worked with a great team of reputable Melbourne based industrial designers.

To ensure the quality of our product, we collaborated with a manufacturer that had extensive lens experience. This high level of manufacturing ensured the clearest vision is experienced when looking through the lens. To guarantee a high-quality UV film was used, we sourced our materials locally to meet with Australian standards.

The HALO Face Shield is fitted with a UV 400 protective film - UV 400 is a standard of protection against ultraviolet radiation. It is considered the highest form of protection that lenses can provide. With UV 400, you receive close to 100 percent protection against harmful ultraviolet rays of UVA and UVB which cause skin ageing.

We are very proud to bring awareness to the public about the harmful effects of the sun and to develop a much-needed product for this purpose.​


What HALO colours are available?

Original Halo in black and now light grey. Pop colours include Yellow, Pink and Orange are planned for future release.

Is it possible to wear corrective glasses with the HALO?

Unfortunately due to design features corrective glasses can not be worn simultaneously.

What protection does the HALO Face Shield offer?

The Halo has a protection of UV 400, which is considered to offer almost 100% UV protection.

How do I know the HALO will fit?

For the great majority of people – Standard Size offers the correct fit. There is enough tension to be able to fit head circumferences outside these measurements.

What if the HALO doesn't fit my head shape?

The Halo is ‘one size’ fits all. The material does allow slight stretch. However, is designed to fit all head shapes.

Does my HALO come in a case?

Your Halo comes in a dust bag which you are able to carry and protect your product. We suggest you return your product to its case after each use.

Is it possible to wear corrective glasses with the HALO?

Unfortunately due to design features corrective glasses can not be worn simultaneously.

A product has now sold out, how do I make an order?

We may have sold out of this item. Please contact Dermal Hub directly at

What is the warranty on the HALO Face Shield?

Halo Face Shields are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for 12 months from date of purchase.

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