The S.O.S (Save Our Skin) range of skin care products is specifically formulated to provide relief from acne, excessive dryness, redness, and irritated skin.

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The top layer of skin is the ‘stratum corneum’ and not even a fraction of a millimetre thick. It’s made up of dead skin cells, fatty acids, cholesterol, lipids and ceramides which hold skin cells together. This external layer has an important role to play and forms the protective barrier to the body’s largest organ.

Primary functions of the skin barrier:

  • Improve hydration by keeping natural moisture locked in skin cells.

  • Protect the body from external toxins such as pollution, bacteria and harmful UV rays.


Your body has its own barrier function for repairing itself. When skin cells don’t receive the active nutrients they need for performance, the barrier function becomes damaged. Whatever your symptoms, the result is the same; your protective dermal layer is damaged impacting the barrier function, and this could be harming your health. This damage can display in any or all of the following symptoms on your skin:

  • Dry

  • Stinging

  • Blotchy

  • Itchy

  • Cracks

  • Inflammation

  • Infections

  • Bumps under the skin

  • Breakouts and acne


The S.O.S (Save Our Skin) range from Dermal Hub has been specially formulated to treat and prevent the negative effects caused by environmental factors, including symptoms caused by mask-wearing. Applying S.O.S products can help form a protective barrier on your skin against the everyday environment and excessive friction of daily mask-wearing.

S.O.S skin care products provide simple solutions in the form of day and night creams to help restore your skin’s natural barrier. These formulations can help boost your skin’s natural barrier by helping skin cells bond together.


Wearing a mask has become the new norm for our daily routines. 'Maskne' is a real problem that many people are experiencing.​ While masks are being used to help stop the spread of COVID-19, few people are talking about the damage that mask-wearing can do to our skin.

How do masks affect my skin?

Masks can create a humid environment where uncirculated air gets trapped. These conditions under the mask can cause the formation of red pimples and blood vessels on your cheeks and nose. To protect your skin from the effects of mask-wearing, it’s vital to boost your natural skin barrier.




I received SOS Day and Night Kit product 2 weeks ago it's a MUST HAVE PRODUCT. The service was amazing! I received my products within 2 days. SOS is part of my regular skin routine I apply morning and night and have noticed great results. I suffer from acne and redness and I can already see a reduction of my redness and blemishes. I'm looking forward to seeing more results over the next few weeks. AMAZING PRODUCT 💕

- Tania Sardo


Often, we look at sensitised skin as a bit of an inconvenience or turn to skincare products to try and cure it, but there’s a lot more going on. You may have noticed the signs that your skin’s protective layer is damaged, but what does this mean for your body?



Sensitised skin means the barrier function is weak and fails to work efficiently to keep toxins out and moisture in. Toxins and allergens found in the environment in which the barrier function protects against, are then penetrating the deeper layers of the skin causing irritation on a cellular level.

With a weakened barrier function, environmental toxins (such as those found in pollution) can even enter your system. A weak barrier function also increases the risk of long-term chronic skin conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.


$1 from every bottle sold is donated to Beyond Blue

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" I used the S.O.S day barrier cream and night calming cream for about 3 days before I started noticing a change in my skin. My skin felt less irritated, more hydrated and overall looked better. I now use this daily and would highly recommend it."

- Stacey Macguire


What is the formulation in SOS products?

Formulations like the S.O.S Calming Cream use a blend of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial soothing and calming ingredients that include aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Niacinamide, Chamomile, and Ceramide complex. Click here to view ingredients.

How do I know S.O.S products will work on my skin?

S.O.S day barrier creams and evening calming creams are formulated to supplement all skin types thanks to a unique blend of effective yet gentle ingredients.

What damage can wearing a face mask do to my skin?

‘Acne mechanica’ is one of the tell-tale signs of excessive mask wearing. It’s caused by the friction between your skin and a face mask This friction can irritate the skin with clogged pores. Sebum and bacteria can proliferate under the skin and lead to acne.

What are some of the warning signs that my skin is affected by mask-wearing?

Look out for symptoms such as acne breakouts, excessive dryness and/or dehydration, and irritated skin.

Where does S.O.S fit within my daily skin care or routine?

S.O.S provides your skin with a blend of powerful yet gentle products which assist in improving skin health, minimises blemishes and improves overall texture, tone and hydration. S.O.S can be used in conjunction with additional serums. We recommend to apply serum first, wait a few minutes to allow product penetration, then apply S.O.S cream.

Do I stop using my active skin care if I use S.O.S products?

If you are experiencing Maskne, redness, irritation and blemishes you will need to stop all active ingredients. The cause of these symptoms are due to a compromised skin barrier, therefore active ingredients will further irritate the skin. S.O.S is designed to restore skin barrier function and treat the negative symptoms of Maskne and environmental factors. When barrier function and skin health has improved, you may consider introducing particular activities into your S.O.S skin care regime.

How long will it take for me to see the benefits of S.O.S?

To restore barrier function and improve skin health and hydration, S.O.S benefits will be seen in 2 to 4 weeks.

Can I continue wearing S.O.S after we no longer need to wear face masks?

These negative skin effects can be seen due to environmental factors and poor skin health. S.O.S will provide you with an optimal environment to keep it looking healthy, hydrated, soft and plump. S.O.S is a complete day and night cream which should be used long term as part of your everyday skincare routine.

What age do I have to be to use S.O.S face masks?

Our products are completely safe for all ages and skin types, our ingredients are at optimal concentrations to gently and effectively improve your skin. No parabens, sulphates, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic and vegan friendly.

When do I need to apply the S.O.S creams?

S.O.S day and night creams are recommended to use AM+PM. Day barrier cream can be applied in the morning or as frequent as required throughout the day based on your level of activity. Night calming cream is recommended once in the evening.

When should I apply sunscreen in conjunction with the day barrier cream?

Sunscreen should be the last skincare product to be applied, we recommend to wait a few minutes in between layering.

Can I wear makeup?

Makeup can be worn in combination with S.O.S day and night cream. Makeup should be the last layer applied. AM - (SOS day barrier cream, sunscreen, makeup) PM - (SOS evening calming cream, makeup)

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“Our S.O.S range of skin care products has been carefully formulated to boost your skin’s natural barrier. Apply S.O.S creams daily and you can be confident that your skin is being protected from the effects of excessive mask-wearing.”



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