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The quest for a youthful appearance is universal - 80% of facial ageing is caused by the sun.  Unfortunately, age-related changes in our facial structure and appearance are partially intrinsic – ageing that is unavoidable and happens due to genetics and the passage of time.


Although we cannot stop the ageing process, we can try to prevent further damage caused by environmental factors. This extrinsic ageing is primarily attributed to sun exposure and is one of the most avoidable causes of wrinkling, laxity, skin discolouration, extracellular matrix (ECM) breakdown, and most importantly, skin cancer.

Facial skin is constantly exposed to harmful UV rays and requires a high level of protection, especially to the sensitive facial area. An innovative shield was required.


Hence…. The creation of DERMALHUBHALO!



The uniqueness of the DERMALHUBHALO face shield meant we were required a process of Product design and development, to create a piece that offered the highest level of UV protection, comfortable, sleek and fashion forward. Our vision required a unique design, therefore we have worked with a great team of reputable Melbourne based industrial designers.


To ensure the quality of our product, we have teamed up with highly experienced manufacturer with extensive lens experience to ensure the clearest vision is experienced when looking through the face shield.

 The standard of UV film used is vital for our products purpose, to guarantee these standards were meet we sourced our materials in Australia to meet with Australian standards.

The DERMALHUBHALO face shield has a UV 400 protective film - UV 400 is a standard of protection against ultraviolet radiation - It is considered the highest form of protection that lenses can provide. UV 400 protection is considered to provide close to 100 percent protection against harmful ultraviolet rays of UVA and UVB which cause skin ageing.

We are very proud to bring awareness to the public about the harmful effects of sun and to develop a much-needed product for this purpose.​